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The 5 Most Effective Ways To Maximize Productivity While Remote Working

June 19, 2023
The 5 Most Effective Ways To Maximize Productivity While Remote Working

There’s a saying that “Once you go remote, you never go back.” Ok, it’s a different saying but…You get the point. 

Despite this popular belief, once the C-word was gone, some of the most influential companies tried to bring employees back to the office. And that didn’t go as smoothly as they thought. 

Why? Because working remotely WORKS. 

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10 Ways To Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

April 29, 2022
keep your creative juices flowing

Let’s face it, some of us are more creative than others. But can you become creative if you’re not? And how can you keep your creative juices flowing at all times?

Even if you think you’re as creative as a rock, all of us carry a tiny creative genius inside us. There are a few ways you can set them free and maintain their creative talent.

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7 Ways To Increase Your Confidence When Applying for Remote Jobs

September 8, 2021
boost your confidence when applying for remote jobs

You’ve decided you’re going to pursue a career in digital marketing and look for remote jobs in the field. If you’re fresh in the world of marketing, talking about it can feel a bit intimidating.  If you have no previous experience, applying for remote jobs can be trickier than applying for jobs located near where you live.

Although digital marketing is a new field to many people, it’s essential to understand that the demand for professionals in this field has grown exponentially over the past few years and especially now when most people are working from home due to the pandemic.

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7 Tips for Changing Your Career While Having Kids or a Job (or Both)

April 21, 2021
changing your career while having kids or a full time job

If you are reading this, you are most probably interested in changing your career.

This blog is all about succeeding as a new marketer but the 7 tips below are relevant to any one looking to go in a new life direction.  

I’ve created this blog for everyone who wants to be location-independent and thinks the marketing field suits their personality and can do well in it. 

If you are that person but don’t know where to start, my goal here is to show you how. 

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How To Change Your Mindset When Changing Your Career To Digital Marketing

April 17, 2021
how to change your mindset when changing your career

Being on a life-transforming journey sounds very exciting. 

In reality, the path is long and challenging and most people are not equipped with the right tools to succeed. 

It is pretty standard for people to want to change their lives and always find reasons not to.

Perhaps it’s not the right time, or they’re not surrounded by the right people to help them move forward.

These are all just excuses. 

It seems like we’re waiting for something or someone to come take our hand and drag us down the path.

Have you ever wondered why is it like that for most people?

Why wait until the circumstances in our life are unbearable to attempt to change them?

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