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Having a consistent brand voice that sells across all channels is challenging to say the least.    I bet you love your product and

put your heart and soul into delivering your services to add value to your clients’ lives. The work you do is so valuable that literally, people will suffer if they don’t use your services or buy your product. How do you make sure that your correctly-formulated message gets delivered to the right people and your ideal clients? Through a well-crafted intentional copy that translates your brand language into a message that touches their hearts and creates magic. 

I use a tested and effective copywriting process for all my clients to make sure we get to the core of your brand. The result is a thorough understanding of our mutual purpose. I take it from there and create a compelling and persuasive copy that captures the attention of the right audience and converts them into raving fans of your business. 

I’ve tried and tested my copy processes with my own businesses and have found a passion that I’d love to share with the rest of the world. I will write the copy for your:

Website Copy

 Your website is the face of your brand. And what is better than a pretty face? A face that tells a story and connects with visitors in a familiar language and genuine interest.

Your Home and About page are just as important as your Product and Service pages for presenting what you stand for.

Website Copy Portfolio

Blog Posts and Articles

Blogs are an essential part of your SEO game. But not only that. Your blogs are an opportunity for your brand’s charisma to shine through, nurture the relationship with users and show off your skills, knowledge, products, and relevancy.

Having my own blog requires me to keep up to date with SEO trends. I can help you up your optimization process.

Blog Posts and Articles Portfolio

Email Copy and Newsletter

One thing every business on Earth must have is its own email list. Capturing customers’ emails by offering them a type of lead magnet is the easier part.

What happens after is crucial for communicating authentically and building a relationship with your people that’s genuine and unbreakable. I can help you write a Welcome email sequence. Running a weekly/monthly newsletter? Let’s boost those open rates.

Email Copy and Newsletter Portfolio


Social Media Ads and Posts

Social media and online presence go hand in hand. Being strategic about posting organic content is what makes an impact.

Running Ads consists of constant A/B testing of copy, creatives, and placement. It’s the artwork in marketing and copy masterpieces can make your ROI go through the roof.

Social Media Ads and Posts Portfolio

Branding Copy

Your business, whether big or small deserves its own identity and branding.

Branding consists of your mission statement, brand values, tone of voice guide, and other materials that give a clear idea of what the brand stands for and why.

You will most likely require branding pieces written when your brand is in a startup phase or when rebranding.

Branding Copy Portfolio

Strategy and Funnel Building

Besides copywriting, I run a blog and have a background in marketing.

I can help you see the big picture of your business, figure out who your audience is, who you are as a brand, and how to reach your short and long-term goals.

Having a working funnel and strategically choosing tools and software is an essential part of having a successful brand.




Do I really need a copywriter?

If you have a business, the answer is Yes. 

Copywriters can ensure that your brand’s personality aligns with what your business stands for. Your ideal customers will recognize themselves in well-written copy because it intentionally captivates not only their attention but also their emotions. Sneaky? Maybe. In a good way.

There are many rules and formulas out there. And while I take those into consideration, I’m always more interested in your unique goals and mission.

What is your typical process?

Once we establish we like each other and are interested in doing business together I like to have a brief chat. We can do it over Zoom or chat. It would be great to meet in person, however, my clients are usually far far away. 

Before we figure out if we are a good fit for each other, I’d like to have a discussion to help me understand your business a bit better. We go over your goals, overall marketing efforts, the stage you are in, etc.

I send you a proposal shortly after (within 48 hours.) It usually consists of a few different options and we can tweak it further so it works for you.

Upon acceptance and payment, we may need to hop on a quick call for a deeper and more thorough understanding and setting up a deadline.

Once I submit the first draft of the project, I offer two rounds of edits and make sure you are happy with the final draft and you’d be proud to have it online.


What Clients Are Saying

Marija Simic

I had a great time working with Karry! She is someone who will listen to you and try to understand everything about your brand. She asked the right questions and suggested new ideas that helped me to dig deeper into the project we worked on together. She delivered the project on time and I was really satisfied with the final results.

All recommendations!

Thank you,


Marija Simic


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