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Who Am I

This is part of one of the best songs that Tiesto has ever made. You know, from the days when we were talking about smartphones the way we talk about NFTs and Metaverse now in 2022. That part of Just Be has stuck with me and is always playing in the back of my mind.

Originally Bulgarian I went to live in the US all by myself at the age of 19. It most certainly shaped me to become strong and independent. My relocation journey showed me I am a person who follows their dreams and I never thought of myself as someone so brave.

Not sure I’ve followed a dream as much as I followed my heart when I moved to the UK impulsively 8 years later to live with my now-husband. It was destined and I never turned back. I learned so much more about life, love, and myself in the next 8 years. 

And here I am. 

My full name is Kristina Ivanova (I go by Karry which is reflected in all my socials). 

I am a blogger, content creator, copywriter, mom of boys, wife, dreamer, a citizen of the world, and a little bit of a life hacker!

Never tired of pursuing the next dream, we’re now making our first steps in moving to another country to enjoy warm, sunny weather, paellas, and that siesta type of lifestyle. And I again feel like that 19-year-old girl who hopelessly believes in her dreams and is working hard on making them a reality. 

So you really can’t run away from the person you are in your heart. 

That’s why I created To The Dream Job. My goal here is to empower you to believe in your dreams too, become free and independent financially and geographically. 

I’ve always been a rebel and a lover of freedom in every way. I think it’s time to question and contribute to changing the status quo. I strongly believe in education, however not in the old-fashioned, especially when it comes to digital marketing. 

After I went through an enormous number of digital marketing courses, trainings, webinars searching for my truth and for that special thing that I really want to do that will also enable me to have my dream lifestyle, I want to show you the way you can do that too. So if you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter if you have a relevant degree or experience, you can be successful and live your dream life. 

People in this space tend to show off their glamorous lifestyle. And that’s cool! 

My goal is to show you what is actually happening behind the scenes when you have family and children to take care of on top of it all. 

Work With Me

I run another e-commerce business together with my husband and have always written the copy and content for our websites and everything that we do online. I write copy for businesses that inspire me. Go here if you’re interested in working together. I would love to hear from you. 


“All dreams come true. If we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney