Why AI Copywriting Software Is The Next Best Thing

May 30, 2022
AI copywriting software

The days when AI (artificial intelligence) was only present in science fiction movies are long gone. AI has been here for a while and it draws some controversial questions like 

“Is this something that we can benefit from?” 

“What if it replaces humans in the workforce and there are no jobs left for us?

These are undoubtedly some valid points because the reality is that AI has replaced some jobs humans used to do indeed. The thing, however, is that according to the latest AI statistics – it will eliminate 85 million jobs and create 97 million new ones by 2025. 

The change is inevitable. What matters is how we react to it and what we can do to best take advantage of it. 

That’s also the case with how we use artificial intelligence in writing. AI copywriting software isn’t anything new. Organizations and professionals have used it for several years to improve, streamline and maximize their content creation and writing processes. 

What is an AI writing tool?

The writing services industry has been recently disrupted by the newly emerging AI writing tools. Many were skeptical at first. It sounded like the robots are finally taking on the world and literally stealing our jobs. 

BUT…it’s not as bad as it sounds. 

It’s a tool that automatically writes content according to the intended purpose. It’s used mainly by marketers, copywriters, and content writers. Blogs, ads, emails, website content, product descriptions, you name it. Just tell it what you need and viola.

You can even instruct what tone and style to write in. It can also help with ideas and structure for your content. It’s a nice shortcut to have, so you can focus on more important things, like new ideas and improving your skills.

But here comes the important question…

Will AI replace us?

And the short answer is No

The long answer is as follows:

AI writing assistants can write some great content. They save time and speed up the writing process.

The thing is that while it can be used as a great assistant for writing a fact-based copy, a human writer is required to add originality, passion, empathy, experience, and storytelling. There will always be parts that no AI can add to a piece of content.

Do you want to pursue a career as a copywriter? You can read this blog post to find out how to start.

How does it work

When various AI copywriting software tools first came out, they were only able to write short snippets of text. Now we can use it to write long-form text content such as blogs, articles, and books. Yes, books!

The technology behind these programs is complex, but it’s also pretty amazing.

AI writing software uses a combination of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to create original, unique content. It’s like having your own personal copywriter who can write anything at all—and do it on time!

Here’s how it works:

First, the software analyzes your content and learns what you like and dislike. It reads through your previous work and analyzes the words you use most often, as well as the topics that interest you most. Then it creates a database of words and phrases that are likely to appeal to your readership.

Next, the software learns to recognize patterns in human language so that when it writes new documents for you, they sound natural—just like an actual person would write them!

It does this by “reading” many different pieces of text from different sources until it understands what makes up a good writing style: how long sentences should be; how often commas should be used; which words are appropriate for certain situations, etc. 

The AI writing tools are improving by the day so it’s exciting to see what’s about to come.

AI Copywriting Software Pros

  • Streamline, optimize and improve

We’ve all been there. You’re working on a big project, and you just can’t seem to get it right. It lacks focus, the tone isn’t quite right, and your writing is disjointed. You know that the content needs improvement – but where do you start?

You need help! And luckily AI can do just that! AI can be used in many different ways to make your workflow more streamlined, efficient, and effective. It’s like having an editor in your pocket!

This is the future of writing. As a writer, you will have a powerful tool on your side. You can use it to save time and money while creating great content. You will be able to do things that would take hours or days in just a few minutes.

  • AI generates witty headlines for your content

AI copywriting software can create witty, meaningful, and memorable headlines for your blog.

It’s not easy to write a good headline. You want to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read more, but you also want it to be clear what kind of content they’ll find if they click through. 

That’s where AI comes in—it can help make your blog headlines more engaging, by creating them for you! The software will take into account the content of your blog posts and use this information to create titles that are likely to grab your readers’ attention and encourage them to read on.

  • Variety of topics

AI is great at writing real, quality articles on a variety of topics so there is no limit to what you want to write about. It can be used for any type of business, from local businesses to large corporations. The best part is that it’s affordable and easy to use.


AI Copywriting Software Cons

Using an AI writing tool still has some downsides.

AIs aren’t perfect. You shouldn’t expect them to be, or try to use them as if they are.

They don’t write as humans do, and they certainly don’t write with the same voice or tone as you would yourself.

And after all, the listed disadvantages are the qualities we look for to prove that AI can’t replace us. So let’s optimistically look at some of them:

  • Your AI writer sounds like a robot


 One of the biggest disadvantages of AI copywriting software is that it sometimes sounds like a robot (maybe because it is, duh.)

If you’ve ever tried to use one of these programs, you might have noticed that they often come up with phrases that sound stilted or unnatural. That’s because they can’t read context as humans do, so they’re often just spitting out words, regardless of whether those words make sense in context.

That’s because these programs are designed to learn from past writing, so they tend to rely on formulas and templates. They don’t have the same ability to understand human language and psychology that humans do.

But here’s the thing: while it might not be great at sounding super natural, it’s still leaps and bounds ahead of human writers who are just starting. And as AI continues to evolve, we expect that will change.

  • Content is confusing

If you find yourself struggling to make sense of AI writing, there are likely some issues in the content. Here are just a few potential problems to look out for:

– The content makes no sense. If you find yourself with an AI writer that generates content that doesn’t seem to follow any clear logic at all, then your writer is probably making mistakes. 

– Content is difficult to understand or too dense. If the AI writer’s output is too long-winded or filled with jargon that only experts would understand, then it may need more training data before it can produce coherent text on its own.

  • The writing style isn’t consistent with what your readers expect from you

AI writers can’t precisely match your writing style. They don’t have the same training or experience that you do, so they won’t be able to write in exactly the same rhythm and voice as you do. That’s why every time you use these tools, your main job turns into editing the already existing text. This way you can make sure the final product represents your true self and your opinion. 

What are the most popular AI writing tools?

The list of AI copywriting software keeps growing. But here are some of the well-known leaders on the market:


They claim to be the best AI writing assistant and state that they consulted the best experts in the marketing field to teach Jasper how to write the many different types of content it’s capable of.

You can get the Surfer integration that helps with SEO optimization. It works in more than 25 languages which is a huge plus for their global development. I’ve personally used Jasper and I was quite happy with it. They provide training that is really helpful. However, there are more affordable options that provide the value that’s sufficient for me at this point.


$49 for the Starter Package

$99+ for the Boss Mode which allows you to write full long-form content. is great and I’m really happy I gave it a try. It provides a great value for the fraction of the price of Jasper. It’s versatile and even has a free version that is sometimes enough for me. They do a lot of improvements and I really recommend you try it.

As well as Jasper, works in more than 25 languages.


Free – $0 for the Free plan that includes 10 credits. 

I couldn’t really find what 10 credits mean to be honest. You get 40 bonus credits for the first month and there is no credit card required. It seems like they are confident that users will like what they get and they will want more.

Pro – $49/monthly or $420 billed yearly 

The Pro membership provides you with:

  • Unlimited credits for unlimited projects
  • Priority support
  • Access to their newest features
  • Premium community


Anyword also provides a wide variety of types of content it can produce. What’s interesting is that before generating the copy, you can describe your target audience and customer personas to get the best content for them. 

They also offer predictive performance scores to help you evaluate the potential to engage with your audience.


Anyword has a 2-tier pricing structure. 

Tier 1 is for the “very small businesses.”


  • Basic copywriting
  • 1,000 credits
  • US English only


$19/month or $16/month if you pay yearly – that’s also for the basic 15,000 credits a month.

Tier 2 is for “most businesses” as it is listed on their website. These memberships use all the premium features that the Anyword team has developed.


$99/month if you pay monthly or $83/month if you pay annually 

Data-Driven Unlimited

$399/month if you pay monthly or $266/month if you pay annually




Scalenut is my new favorite AI copywriting software. It provides amazing value for the monthly investment along with SEO reports and all kinds of other cool features. I highly recommend you try it, you won’t even need a credit card.


Free Forever:


  • 2,000 AI words
  • 2 SEO reports
  • 40+ AI tools


$29/month if you pay monthly or 12/month if you pay annually

It includes everything from the Free Forever plus a few other features like:

  • 24×7 live and email support


$79/month if you pay monthly or $33/month if you pay annually

Everything from the Individual plus:

  • Paraphrasing
  • SERP facts
  • AI settings


$149/month if you pay monthly or $62/month if you pay annually

It includes all the features that the software can currently offer including 2 users and the option of adding more.

These are just a few examples of the AI copywriting software that is out there.

There are many more and the good thing is that they are currently competing with each other to provide the highest quality at the best price. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

Vision For The Future

As with everything new, AI writing assistants were met with a good dose of skepticism. On one hand, writers and marketers didn’t believe that an AI copywriting software can produce quality content without it being plagiarized. 

On another hand, writers were shaken at the thought that a machine can take away their livelihood.

Soon the majority of professionals figured they can use AI copywriting software with a clear conscience to produce good quality content for a fraction of the time they would if they had to write it themselves. Now the focus is on editing and adding character, specific stats, and links, and making it sound like YOU.

What if I tell you that a good portion of this article was written by an AI copywriting software? I bet you would’ve never guessed. 

The world is changing and developing – either with our consent or without it. It’s human nature not to accept and understand new things at first. But the sooner we start using them to our advantage, the better off we’ll be.

Successful professionals will adapt quickly and with confidence that their value can not be replaced by a machine. Instead, they have to use new technologies to become better at their craft and focus on bigger things. 

I recommend you try some of the AI copywriting tools that are out there. Comment below which AI copywriting software you like the most. 

Till next time, be innovative!

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