7 Ways To Increase Your Confidence When Applying for Remote Jobs

September 8, 2021
boost your confidence when applying for remote jobs

You’ve decided you’re going to pursue a career in digital marketing and look for remote jobs in the field. If you’re fresh in the world of marketing, talking about it can feel a bit intimidating.  If you have no previous experience, applying for remote jobs can be trickier than applying for jobs located near where you live.

Although digital marketing is a new field to many people, it’s essential to understand that the demand for professionals in this field has grown exponentially over the past few years and especially now when most people are working from home due to the pandemic.

That means there are more remote opportunities out there than ever before. Employers are looking for individuals who have the proper training and certifications and the raw talent required to excel at their job.

  1. Get your training done

Before applying for your first remote job, make sure you feel good about the number and the type of courses you took. Did they provide certifications you can show to your prospective clients or employers?

Please refer to our Curriculums for the best and most effective courses that can jump-start your remote career even if you don’t have any marketing background.

By taking relevant courses and completing several different certification exams, you can increase your potential job opportunities. It will give you the confidence you need to apply for remote positions. You will be equipped with the knowledge essential for a position in marketing.

Confidence will come in two ways:

First, you will feel good about yourself because you know what you’re talking about.

Secondly, suppose you can openly discuss ideas and opportunities for improving their business. In that case, your prospective client or future employer will get the impression that they can trust you and will appreciate your eagerness to learn and succeed.

Digital marketing is an always-evolving field, and even the most seasoned professionals can benefit from taking courses relevant to their specialty to keep up to date.

Having completed some of these programs can put you ahead of other applicants for certain positions.

  1. Become part of the community

Becoming part of a community where other digital marketing professionals hang out can serve as a confidence booster.

You can be part of a group that uses specific language and get used to the marketing jargon. It will help you become accustomed to it, understand it when you hear somebody talking about it, and you’ll have the urge to become part of the conversation because you will have what to add to it.

Being part of a community will also allow you to explore others’ experiences, struggles, and success stories.

All of this can strengthen your ability to deal with issues that may come across during your job search.

The best places to find these communities are Facebook or LinkedIn groups. There are many, so try a few and see what kind of atmosphere they offer and which ones are the best fit for you.

Some groups are positive, encouraging and feel very safe even if you’re new to the field. Engage with others in these groups, ask questions, and voice any concerns. Chances are, you will feel more empowered and equipped with ideas and resources that can help you in your career.

Groups I highly highly recommend

There are two Facebook groups that I have been a part of since forever, and I love them.

Check out Rachel Pedersen’s Social Media United Private Members Community. To be accepted to the group, you’ll also have to become a member of Social Media United (SMU.)

This training portal used to be paid, but it’s now free to join the social media part. You won’t regret signing up, it’s full of tons and tons of gold, and you can learn a lot.

Psssst, this is how I got started! *Wink*

The other group recommendation is female-oriented. Women in Marketing is a Facebook group whose members are very active, friendly, and helpful. If you’re a woman, hurry up and join.

Remember to be patient, persistent, and understanding of yourself during this process.

  1. Complete a short free project

Finding a few businesses to complete short free marketing projects can build your network and bring you to the next level. From someone who has zero experience, you will become a digital marketing professional with a few completed projects behind your back.

Providing free services can serve as an introductory offer, and if your client is happy with your work, there is a high chance they will hire you to do more. Even if they don’t, the process can be great for building your network, and next thing you know, they will be telling their business owners friends about you. That’s how you can get your first paid projects.

Having completed a few projects will make you feel much more confident when applying for other remote jobs.

You would be insecure about your skills and knowledge at first. However, working on your first complimentary projects will give you a better idea of what employers or clients are looking for. Having some completed projects under your belt may help you secure your desired jobs faster and easier when you start applying for remote jobs.

Please keep in mind that boundaries can be blurry and easy to cross in these types of relationships. If a client insists on you doing too much extra work as part of your complimentary package, politely explain that it is unfortunately not included in what you’ve agreed on and offer it at a paid rate.

  1. Praise yourself every day

Start paying attention to the self-talk in your head. What do you tell yourself when you look in the mirror?  Don’t ever tell yourself things you wouldn’t say to other people. The words that you choose can impact your level of confidence. You are your own greatest critic, so I challenge you to start being your biggest fan instead!

Praising myself every day is something I learned from Marisa Peer, a multi-award-winning therapist to the most famous people in the world. If you are struggling with self-worth, I highly recommend checking out her content here.

Self-worth is one of the most important things when changing careers. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect others to believe in you? You know what you’re capable of and how badly you want something. Never sell yourself short by underestimating your abilities.

  1. Influence your subconsciousness

Think about what empowering and encouraging thoughts and beliefs you want to implement in your life.

Get into the habit of writing, listening, and telling yourself some positive affirmations.  Think of things like “I am enough,” “I am healthy,” “I am smart.” Think of as many as you want that you like the sound of. Writing them down regularly or repeating them to yourself may feel odd at first, but it makes a positive difference over time.

While you practice it, try to feel them as well. Positive emotions are crucial to bringing your affirmations to life. Combining affirmations with feelings is essential because this is how you influence your subconscious mind. And your subconsciousness is the one that actually makes changes in your life.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people

If you want to be able to stand taller and walk with your head held up high, then surround yourself with people who’ll treat you as a radiant being.

Changing careers can be a time of self-doubt and struggles.

It’s very important to surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you to keep going after your dreams.

To make it even better, find a group of people who share the same goals, dreams and have been through what you’re going through.

On the other hand, if you have friends or family members who do not support the new direction in your life, please try to ignore them kindly.

Many people don’t know that we, humans are capable of anything we put my mind into.

But you know better!

It’s a matter of desire, faith, having a plan, and making an effort.

  1. Reward yourself

Applying for remote jobs can be a challenging and lengthy process.

Make sure you reward yourself by doing small things that bring you pleasure as often as you can.

It can be a relaxing massage, a glass of wine after a long day, getting dressed up and putting make-up on, or anything else that will make you feel good. Having a rest is part of the game of pursuing a new career.

Giving yourself time to reflect on everything you’re doing is like having a rest day from the gym when the muscles are growing. Allowing yourself the space and time to think about your victories will make you more confident and motivated to keep going.


Remember, everyone working remotely in digital marketing was new to it at one point, and we all have a different story.

There are ways to increase your confidence levels while applying for remote jobs, and it’s a combination of practical and spiritual practices.

One of the most important things is to have patience. Take time for yourself each morning, whether through mediation or prayer. That way you can start the day with a positive mindset, you’ll do better at all aspects of what you’re doing – including making connections!

And remember – no matter how good someone else might seem on paper, YOU and your talent are going to be the perfect fit for someone’s company out there.

Till next time, be kind to yourself!

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