How To Stay Organized When Working From Home

March 13, 2022
how to stay organized when working from home

We are in the era of working remotely. The growing number of flexible working opportunities finally allows more women to work while caring for their children and family. However, working from the comfort of your home can be challenging. We associate home with our loved ones and a place for relaxing. That’s why it’s a good idea to apply some tactics to make working from home efficient and enjoyable. Here are some ideas  on how to stay organized when working from home: 

1. Dedicate a place for working

Creating a designated area for working will help you focus. It’s ideal if you have a home office. But not everyone has a spare room. A separate desk in a quiet corner of the house would work. Set it up so it suits your needs. That way, you would feel more productive, but your family members will also know that it’s not a good idea to disturb you (it probably won’t stop your children from asking you questions.) 

You can also create some type of signal for them to know you are busy. For example, you can have a small light that, when turned on, would mean you’re in a meeting. You can think of other small tricks to help you and your family get used to the fact you are working even though you’re at home.

2. Keep your environment clean and tidy

According to studies, there is a correlation between your work environment and productivity. Researchers at Princeton University found that when the space around you is cluttered, it negatively influences your ability to focus. A clean and organized environment helps you concentrate and process information better. 

Most mothers have given up on the idea of a constantly clean and tidy home while having small children because it can get very messy. However, keeping your working space free of clutter and dust, making it bright and smelling fresh can help boost your efficiency and enjoy your job more. 

3. Organize your to-do lists

Having a list to help you keep track of your daily tasks is crucial for making sure you’re on track. Referring to your list when needed also means that you can stop trying to remember everything. Instead, you free up space in your brain for more creative thoughts and ways to do things better and smarter. 

You can either have separate work and personal to-do lists or blend them into one. Creating a highlighting system according to their priority and completion stage will bring your list to the next level. 

It is up to you if you prefer saving it digitally on your phone or computer or writing it down in a notepad. Using online software specially designed for organizing your life will help you keep track of your personal and professional tasks. Examples of this type of free software are Trello and Asana.

4. Set some home rules

Create some house rules for the other family members. Think of your schedule and let them know if there are certain hours that you need them not to bother unless there is something urgent. 

If your days are always different, figure out how to communicate you’re busy by closing your door, having your headphones on, or anything else that works for you. Setting rules will keep everyone in your household be on the same page and diminish stress for you and them.

5. Limit distractions

Distractions are the worst enemy of productivity. Keeping them to a minimum will help you be more effective and organized wherever you are. 

You can adjust things like staying away from the TV or having it off while you work. Turning off distracting applications on your smartphone during the day is a good idea if you have the habit of scrolling through social media. Find the settings on your phone that will allow you to block certain apps for a specified period. This will help you focus better and for longer. 

Most people love working from home as it gives them a lot more flexibility than commuting to an office every day. For working mothers working from home can be a blessing. It can also feel like two worlds clashing against each other. It’s a matter of time, and you and your family getting used to it. Read more about transforming your career while raising a family here. Make sure you implement some of the strategies on how to stay organized when working from home to enjoy the freedom of working from home. Try to appreciate the moments with your family even when it’s hard and it all seems to fall apart because it will get easier.