How To Make An Online Vision Board

April 17, 2021
How To Make An Online Vision Board

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” 

This quote has been stuck with me for quite some time. 

Would you attempt to make even your wildest dreams come true if you knew you couldn’t fail? 

Did you know it has been scientifically proven that our thoughts and mindset can make this happen? 

You’ve probably heard of that. 

This idea seems to have been circulating the Internet in all forms and shapes for years now.

Learning how to make an online vision board will help you in your life transforming and dream reaching journey.

What Science Says

If you need some guidance in how to put this to practice and understand how and why to do it, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”  is genuinely fascinating and eye-opening. 

After reading it, you will understand how your conscience and sub-conscience work and how you can train them so you can unleash your true potential. 

It turns out that our bodies are addicted to the emotions we feel every day, going through the same routines, and we’ve programmed them that way. 

That’s why sometimes change and transformation are so hard. 

To transform, we have to start changing our daily habits and living a life led by our emotions the way they would be when we reach our ideal life. 

This doesn’t sound very straight forward and it’s rather complicated when you meet the same people in the same environment every day. 

And this is where our strength and decisiveness must step in. 

How To Grow Personally and Professionally

We have to become stronger than our environment and be driven by higher emotions. 

You can achieve that through guided meditation, deliberate actions, notcing our emotions and correcting them right on the spot.

That said, To the Dream Job is a space for education, learning more about remote working and lifestyle.

If you are here though, you are probably still searching for answers on the topic and you’re not quite there yet.

Our career is such a big part of our life. So when we attempt to change what we do, we inevitably have to change our habits and personality to some extent. 

In the name of reaching our goals, we must be disciplined and consistent.

I would also like to make this blog a place to turn to for emotional support and guidance as well. Because changing careers and your whole lifestyle means you will also changing yourself and your mindset. 

Spiritual work bringing the right attitude and feeling of fulfillment is a very significant part of personal growth.

I encourage you not to skip this part of the journey because it will make your journey so much smoother and probably quicker.

Part of it is visualization. 

But before you start visualizing and creating your vision board, you first need to figure out what you want. 

Set your mind free and think beyond your survival needs. 

Ask yourself what your wildest dreams are without being afraid of it (even though it’s a good sign if it seems scary.) 

Along with that, imagine the feeling you will experience in reaching that dream. Spend as much time as needed to immerse yourself in that feeling to be sure this is it. 

You are going after it. 

And make it happen.

By the time your start putting your vision board together, you need to have a good idea of what will be on it. 

What is the purpose of a vision board? 

Creating a vision board and positioning it somewhere you can see it constantly must make you feel good and motivated. 

Its purpose is to remind you of your dreams and give you encouragement and energy to keep pushing even in your most challenging times. 

The rule to follow when making your vision board is: There are no rules.

You can use whatever you want as long as it gives you the feeling you’ll be experiencing when you reach the top. 

Just do whatever makes sense for you. 

You can use current pictures of your family if you love your family the way it is, and you want it to keep going the same way and grow stronger.

My vision board is a mix of photos that represent my future dream life. 

I’ve also included inspirational quotes and affirmations because these are the things that motivate me. 

My vision board includes different  elements of my life.

I have my dream house, lifestyle, family and relationships, physical body shape that represents my goal. 

Include everything to help you get the feeling and the mood of your dream life.

When I look at it, I feel the freedom to express myself, have the life that I love, and be the master of my destiny. 

Make your vision board as effective as possible.

Think about the feelings you want to experience when looking at it and find the right images to represent them.

How to make an online vision board for your remote lifestyle? 

Creating a vision board and making it remote can mean two things. 

It can mean filling it up with images of what remote and location-independent life looks like for you.

It can also mean making your vision board visible on all your devices, so it becomes location-independent as well. 

You can upload it to your phone and laptop’s wallpaper, place it in your car, as a FB cover photo, and anywhere you think you’ll maximize the chances of seeing it daily. 

But make sure you also hang it somewhere where you will physically see it. 

Maybe you can put it in a few places around your house. 

Try taking a minute whenever you can to stop and look at it, so you can feel the rush of emotions it gives you. 

That way, you will trick your body into thinking this has already happened, and this will open the doors to the endless possibilities that exist.

It’s essential to elevate your emotions by feeling happiness, gratitude, humility as often as possible and letting them define you.

You can grab my downloadable guide on How To Make An Online Vision Board here. It has everything that you need for you to create a vision board dedicated to your dreams.

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